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It’s the point where you can’t decide what are you going to do. Try to kill yourself? Lame.Blast her right brain? Pretty useless,she will eventually cry but it’ll end soon.Ask your questions? She won’t answer.Whether you ask or you don’t ask -just keep them for your yourself for example- it will hurt yoursefl. It will bloody hurt yourself,you will feel it in your internal organs as it’s a real shitty pain,it’s not,it’s just something your brain makes up?Why do you still feel it then? Because,it fucking hurts.That’s the answer you’re looking for.You don’t have to love me,you don’t have to like me,but for the sake of humanity and sanity,please give a damn answer.Why don’t you?Is it because you’re so cool? Is it because you just don’t care about me? Why my dear? Why? 2013

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