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Essay On Uncanniness Of Artificial Lighting

Today's artificali lighting is in the "uncanny valley" point/area. Normally every living being with the ability of perceiving light as a source of information is used to gather that source from up above, "heavens", if you are comfortable with the term. Five-hundred-million years of evolution made us to expect the light come from above, from the sky until someday some species made something different, it controlled oxidizing reactions, "fire" if you are okay with it. And fire gave it the power of enlightenment, but it was on the ground, it was below of -him- her -fuck you grammatic habits, sexist f... whatever-, as the light not coming from above, it -yeah, it's it now- knew that it's not natural, it's just some warm feeling that helps her - I won't call anything "him" on this essay, yes. - to get through the night. And then she discovered the candle, that fatty oily thing with the burning string on it, it was still on the ground - even though some of them invented chandeliers and put them on the ceiling- and it was still old fire-y friend of hers with all warmness and natural unnaturalness which is caused by the nature of the situation. But then time had passed and we - yes 'we' now because there isn't one woman on the world who is so idiot that could invent the fucking lightbulb, sorry Tesla, you know I love you- invented the lightbulb and the fluorescent (or whitey, less costy ones) lamps afterwards. This is where we get to the 'uncanny valley' part. ( Uncanny valley is a part of a graphic which is about the feeling of naturalness of something created by human hands. It is mostly used for three dimensional computer animations/imagery/graphics and androids but the artificial lighting is the topic now, because parce que.) The artificial lighting we use today is a bad mock up of/replacement for our best light souces; Stars, but they are not so distinct that they tend to feel almost natural but not that much even though we're evolved to live under white light we usually love to stay within yellow-brown borderline (or "warm colours") .

This situation may lead us to a conclusion that our artificial white light coming from above doesn't make us proud of our achievement of capturing and controlling the lonely traveler of the universe but just makes us remember our failure of mimicking the stars.


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